Choose A Catchy Domain Name

Every page on the internet has a different and unique web address, it is known as URL – Uniform Resource Locator. For instance The URL is broken into several different parts.

  • The domain name: It is the site address, used to locate the server that host the files. All files on the same location will start with the exact domain name, in this example, the domain name is The .com, .org, and .govt are part of the domain extension, they describe what kind of website is this .com for commercial, .org for organization, and .govt for government.
  • The folders: These folders explain the location of the file on the server. In our above example, the folders are webdesigning/world/ and it means that the file is inside the ‘world’ folder, which is inside the ‘webdesigning’ folder. It is similar to the way that folders are described on your windows desktop.
  • The filename: It is the particular web page, in this case, index.html that is one of the custom names for the start page in any specific section of the site. The .html at the end is the file extension, it explain that this is the HTML file.

It is possible to launch your website without having your domain name, but it is not recommended. A few years ago, lots of musicians built their websites, they were all hosted by and which all shared the domain name When the business sold on, all those pages were closed. Bands lost the audience they had by losing all the incoming links. Fans lost contact with their favorite bands because those bookmarks no longer worked. If your site is hosted on someone domain name, then that organization has complete control over your website.

Owning your personal domain name gives you independence and a lot of freedom. If anything happens to your host company, whether their service is not good or they raise their monthly cost then you can switch to a different hosting company and you can take your domain name with you. Your incoming links will continue to work and visitors can find you easily.

Domain names are cheap, and usually they cost around $10 or £10 per year, it is one of the cheap and essential investment you should make on your website.

Eight Domain Name Buying Tips

The marketing tips of a catchy domain name are described below:

  • You can easily find any domain name company through searching on Google, and they will tell you whether the name of the domain is available or already registered.
  • It is often cheaper and easier to buy a domain name for your hosting company.
  • Your visitors have to type your site name unless they are bookmarked. So always keep it short.
  • Avoid things that cannot be spelled easily or words that are difficult to remember. So your domain name must be easy and memorable.
  • Your domain extension can assist your visitors and tell them what kind of website you have. You can use .com, .org, and .net for anything. However, it can also be specific extensions for different countries and type of websites, for instance: for the US companies, for the personal sites, .mobi for mobile sites, .ca for Canadian internet sites, .biz for business websites. You can also make creative domains by using the extensions of foreign countries, such as .me (Montenegro) or .tv (Tuvalu).
  • Do not try to buy all the different variations of your domain name. You will go both broke and mad. However, you can purchase a couple of domain names if needed for the major markets you want to work in, such as the .com and variants, if you wish to create different sites for the UK and US. There are too many domain names and it is best to accept that you cannot own every variant.
  • Keywords are useful for your domain name and for search engines but do not overdo it. You could have something like, but you should not make it It will make you look desperate for visitors.
  • As soon as you decide the domain name you want, buy it immediately. Others might also be interested in the same domain name. So if you snooze it, you will lose it.

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