From Idea To Content

The content serves as the foundation for any website. It is mostly written before the process of website development begins. It is the content that leads to an engaging internet site. Though design the website before writing the content, it is like designing a package without having an idea on how to write the content. Though the idea might work, you may have to do cut down or add a lot of content in that case.

Imperative Content For Every Website

  • About Us: When visitors arrives at your website, they might know nothing about you. For instance, basic questions and the first few answers they need to know is that who are you, what you do and why you different from others, it helps them to understand everything on your website.
  • Contact Page: It is a must thing to add if your website is related to e-commerce. However, even if you are not selling anything, still it is a must page to dialogue with your visitors. You would be amazed to see how helpful some visitors can be, by telling you about your broken links and similar kind of issues on your website.

Content Ideas For Business Websites

How to find us – Make it easy to find your shop or office

Meet our team – Your site can seem impersonal if you put a friendly face on it by introducing your team members. It will also motivate them.

Product and service description with images– People would not buy anything they cannot understand. So, be clear about what you offer and why customers should purchase it from you.

Customer service information – Customers will get an instant answer if you answer the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on your site in advance. It will also save your time.

Customer Testimonials – Ask your current customers to share their reviews and success stories.

Behind the scenes – Lift the lid of your business with an overview of how you work or photo tour of the factory.

Blogs – Blogs are expected to be opinionated and usually encourage readers to comment. So, have a regularly updated section where you can comment on what you are thinking, what is going on in your company, what is in the news.

Presentations – Share audio, video, or slides from any talks you deliver. Consider making content ideas for any site and also make tutorial videos purely for use on a website.

What’s new – Keep your site fresh with the latest news in your market and company.

Tutorials – People usually turn to the website when they need help. Draw in new readers with articles and demonstrate your expertise that teaches people to make, fix, and do things.

Games – Games will make your website more appealing and encourage longer visits. The British Heart Foundation created Yoobot versus Yoonot game to teach exercise habits and healthy eating.

Tools – Can you help visitors to solve a simple issue? You could integrate tools like picture resizer, dictionary, or tax calculator. What do your customers look for online that you can provide, ask yourself?

Interviews – Can you interview experts of your field and share their views with your visitors?


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