How Devices Affect Design

Web design is all about creating and developing a website. It includes web page layout, content production, and graphic design. Web design is also known as web development. A web designer creates a website by using a markup language which is called HTML. The design is all about embracing the content. It includes unique and large typography, large and responsive hero images, background videos, semi flat designs, etc.

Difference devices have different capabilities. It is really hard for a web designer to make a universal website which is responsive and compatible on all the devices. All devices do not support a touchscreen which can make things difficult for the developer. Similarly, most devices don’t have graphics so they cannot display pictures and animation.

Browser compatibility is another challenge that developers have to overcome. While most browsers are capable of showing graphics like videos and images, some don’t properly display them on certain devices. This is where the expertise and skill of a website developer come into play. Your website should be responsive and compatible on all devices, so you need a website development service that could overcome all issues. Different devices significantly affect the design of the site. For example:

  • There are devices which do not support pictures or graphics. The display of Braille and screen reader do not show images. Sometimes mobile devices require users to switch off and to speed up their browsing.
  • Devices without conventional keyboards put everyone off when they are needed to type a lot of information to use a website. In such case, a site will discourage the input from a virtual keyboard on their touchscreen.
  • There are several devices which do not support website animation technology. For example, iPhone or iPod do not make the use of flash. Nonvisual devices also come under this category.
  • A website demanding the precise use of the mouse can lose visitors because some users use the mouse because of physical impairments and some device don’t have the mouse.
  • A variety of devices has a range of screen sizes. For example, different screen sized monitors are available, and they open the browser window to various widths depending on the activity they are doing at the time of web browsing. Designers design the websites on large screens but they should have to keep in mind the visitors will browse on a smaller screen.
  • Different devices have the different capability to show the web page at the same time. Mobile devices provide a small picture of the whole web page with little details. A user on the mobile screen can identify the content by zoom in. web designers have to use clear heading on a web page in order to navigate the sections they have to read. A user with poor vision enlarges the screen by making the use of screen magnifiers.
  • The user cannot quickly review the whole page through a screen reader. Screen reader has one-dimensional interface whereas a PC screen is two dimensional.

The web Browser Challenge

Use of different devices is not only a challenge for website designers. Use of the different software is also challenging for website designers. A user on a desktop computer might use intent explorer of Microsoft or safari browser of apple. They can also make the use of chrome or Firefox browser for browsing a site. They can also use more than one browser at the time. Therefore website designers are required to build a site that works on different browsers, and each browser has its own quirks.

Use of different devices and different browser significantly affect the design of a website. Small screen, browsing speed, touch screen, zoom in and zoom out and support for images and videos are some of the device capabilities which affect the design of the websites. In web creation industry it is important for the web designer to create a responsive site. Responsive, compatible and highly flexible website provide users a single site with a user-friendly interface on all devices, and it will optimize the user experience as well.


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