Introducing Web Technologies

A website is made up of different technologies and different files. Therefore it is quite challenging for the web designer to learn the use of these various tools and techniques. It’s hard for them to choose the right one for each aspect of the design. This article is covering the brief discussion on different technologies and the role which they can play in web designing.


HTML is the language of web design. It is used for writing different web pages. When users download a web page, the first thing which they receive is HTML file. HTML enable the web designer to describe the structure of the text content and tell the web browser where other files of the web page such as images and CSS files are available.


CSS is a web technology which is used for design and layout of the web page. CSS has instruction for color, fonts, and position of different elements of the screen. CSS3 is the latest version of CSS, and it has introduced the features of rounded corners and multiple background images.


JavaScript enables the web designer to update a webpage after downloading and respond to the user actions on it. Some people use JavaScript for writing sophisticated games. JavaScript is typically used for simple effects, for example, it is used for refreshing the screen with the latest news and revealing some new content on the page. JavaScript is also used for checking that the form is completed correctly.


Java and JavaScript are the names of two different technologies in web design and development industry. Java enables the user to run the programs inside a web page with java plugin. Web designers are not using Java for new sites because it is extremely slow. If the web content is in Java, then you can use JavaScript or flash to recreate the content.


Adobe’s Flash is another web technology which is used for creating more sophisticated interactions. Web designers and developers can use the flash for animations, games and to display rich media including audio and video. A user by plugging in a flash can see and interact with the content. Flash is not useful for iPod and iPhone users.


AJAX use JavaScript in a special way to update a web page. It is used for getting new information from the server without updating the whole web page. For example, when you use a google map you don’t have to download all the maps on your computer. It just downloads the high-resolution map of the area you are looking at. AJAX is a combination of technologies which enable the website to fetch the information user need and whenever it is needed. In order to make the use of AJAX, you are required to be the master of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Server scripting languages (PHP/MySQJu)

There are different server scripting languages which go through various fashionable phases. Most popular one is PHP. ASP and Pert are some other server scripting languages. These server scripting languages enable web designers and developers to write the program to run on the server. It customizes the web pages for each visitor. Server scripting language is useful if the site needs to offer personalized content. For example, social networking sites use server scripting language because each user wants a different homepage. Server side scripting language is also used for sites which have a lot of pages. In such case, it saves the content in the database and makes it accessible in time of need. Server scripting language allows the developers to maintain hundreds of web pages by taking care of just one template, the script program and the database of content.

  • A plug-in is a software which enables the browser to handle new types of content. If the user does not have plug-in software they would not be able to view the content, and alternative content would be needed.
  • MYSQL is a database software which is used with PHP. Hosting companies which are supporting PHP and MySQL charge for these servers and help you to setup the database

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