The Diversity Of Devices

Web designing is much more than just art. It is a science of sound coding and designing. A web designer is responsible for sensing what will look good and what doesn’t from visitors’ perspective. It is an absolute fundamental that the web designer should have to put them in the shoe of the website visitor. They are required to think about what their visitors will know, what they are expecting from the website and how they are expecting it to order to understand the nature and attitude of visitors, it is important to know the range and variety of devices which visitors might use to view the website.

These various devices which visitors use to access the website include:

  • A desktop computer, laptop or netbook
  • An Android phone, iPhone or another handheld device
  • A tablet device
  • A cell phone with a small screen and keypad
  • A screen reader, which reads web pages aloud to blind people
  • A refreshable Braille display, which a blind person can run their fingers along to read the website content

The word design is associated with the visual representation. But in the case of website design, it is not necessarily a visual medium. Web design has a different meaning to different visitors who are accessing the website from different devices. A visitor using a screen reader might experience it as a stream of spoken text. Some visitors using small screen devices can switch off the layout and juts view the content. If you want your website to look appealing, then do not purely focus on the look of the website. Some of the most important work is behind the scene on the website and make it more appealing .It is important for designers to add meaning to the web page and make visitors to use the device easily even if their devices are not supporting all the features which are available on a desktop computer.

It is quite challenging for the web designer to make the site which is engaging, easy to use and compatible on all the devices. Flexibility and compatibility are two most important concerns of the visitors. Visitors access the website through a combination of different devices. For example, they access a website through desktop in their office and access the same website on mobile during lunch hour or on the way to home. All they need is whether the site is working or not? Whether it is providing information with flexibility or not?

Therefore web designing is not a simple affair. The designer has to act as a user and to come up with an effective design. Essentially, the designer will have to cater to user requirements and understand their expectations from the website. Compatibility is another issue that happens to many websites these days. For instance, sometimes, websites compatible with desktop don’t appear on smartphones and tablet PC screens properly and vice versa. Similarly, not all users may be using a smartphone or desktop for viewing your website. Disabled people may need to access it via a screen reader or braille screen that reads the website for them. In short, compatibility and responsiveness can become a major issue for users if the design is not adequate. Herein, the real challenge is to make it easily accessible for a variety of devices without appearing chopped or cut corners.

As a web designer, you are a responsible to ensure that a website is working well on all platforms.

Some absolute fundamentals that all good web designers should have to possess in order to reach a sublime level involve a set of technical skills and computer know-how. They have to be familiar with the entire design process. In order to be a legitimate web designer, it is important for them to know the HTML and coding. They also have to develop some business skills, and they also need to be committed to constant learning.

Desk users still exist, but visitors are predominantly making the used variety of other devices to perform web surfing. Web designers are not only responsible for designing mobile-friendly websites, but they also have to enhance the multi-browser experience. Overall compatibility and responsiveness are not the concern of the business owner. A professional, knowledgeable web designer is responsible for building a compatible and highly responsive website.


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