Visual Content

Adding images and videos can add significant value to your web content. Apart from your website logo, you will need other images to enhance the readability of your content. If you are selling products, you will need high-quality images to attract more customers. For instance, many e-commerce sites use high-quality images of goods they are selling. However, the website code only supports some image formats so make sure your images are in that format. The following image formats are commonly used:

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF

In addition, you must also use vectors and illustrations, statistics and infographics where possible. They add a lot of value to your website and spreads a positive image of your website.

It is okay to use some attractive pictures; the best images are those that entertain, inform, and tell the story. For instance:

  1. Images of the products you are writing about or selling them.
  2. Your logo, if you have one.
  3. Images of your company’s offices or shops, or places you are writing about.
  4. Images of yourself, people on your team, or those you are interviewing or writing about.
  5. Illustrations that help in explaining a tutorial, such as an assembly diagram for a computer.
  6. Artistic images, if you built the website to share them.
  7. Cartoon strips.

You will perhaps find that you already have a lot of images that you can put on your site. You can use images captured with a digital camera, or you can use a scanner to digitize negatives or old prints. You can usually get high-quality product pictures from the product’s manufacturer, too.

Adding A Map To Your Site

If you have an office or a shop that you wish people to visit, then a map is crucial. It is easy to add maps through Google Maps.

  • 1st step is to go to Google Maps site ( com) and search for your office or shop address.
  • Use the zoom controls button embedded in the left of the Google map to adjust you address view, so that you can see the details as you want. Click + to zoom in.
  • Now click the icon at the top of the left column. It seems like a chain. A new box will open, then click to customize your map and a new window will appear, shown on the left.
  • Choose your preferred map size. It is better to include a map to a great size by making enough room for it. Instead of squeezing small size map into a corner of your site. Visitors will want to scroll around the map to work out their directions.
  • At the foot of the screen, you will see an HTML code box. It is fine if you do not know about HTML. Just copy the code of HTML and paste it into a text file on your PC to keep it safe. Otherwise, paste it on your webpage where you want the map to appear.

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