Website Accessibility

Internet access is not a privilege, but it is becoming a right. We are spending so much time of our daily life in interaction with technology. The Web and the internet are providing unprecedented access to information, interaction, goods, and services. In such a situation web site accessibility is growing concern for the web developers. Each and every online business or site owner is trying to be diligent and accessible. Website accessibility is the process of removing barriers in order to enhance the interaction between the user and the website. A site is said to be accessible when all the user has equal access to information and functionality of a website.

In order to enhance the website accessibility, it is not important for you to create different websites for different groups of users. Some years ago it was fashionable for organizations to create a separate, text-only version of the website for the users with a screen reader because users with screen readers have different requirements than PC users. Therefore companies thought to make a separate website for screen reader users. Making separate website for users with a screen reader is much easier than reconciling their needs with mainstream website visitors. Designing a separate site for users with screen reader had two major problems. The site inevitably ends up getting neglected because the resources were limited and the website managers were focused on updating the main site. The text only visitors visit the site for latest news, but they find nothing. Secondly screen reader users were missing out the visual content because organization by creating a text only website stripped out all the visual content.

One site for all

Today it is not necessarily important for an organization to create different websites for different visitors. There is a range of devices with a diverse range of configuration which is making it difficult for site owners to create separate websites. Today organizations are required to create a single website for all the users with different means a website is required to be accessible if particular features are not available on the device or browser of the visitors. For example, if a device does not support photo organization or web designers should have to provide text to explain the content. If the browser is not supported the content created with flash or JavaScript, then visitors should be able to access the whole content. A well-designed website is a website which is accessible on any device and web browser.

What about mobile?

Rule of one site for all has one exception. Companies today are creating separate mobile websites as a solution to keep the PC as well as small screen mobile users happy. Web sites are required to be optimized for speed. Web connection in case of mobile devices is slower than desktop PCs. The separate mobile site is suitable in two cases first one is when the site is small and second one is when it is large. In the case of having a small website it would be easy for you to maintain two different websites. Moreover in case if you have a vast website then you need to use content management system which can automatically generate a mobile site from the same database. Mobile sites reflect the main site and will be updated at the same time.

Understanding accessibility and accessibility principles

Website accessibility is all about making a site easily accessible to a large number of visitors. It is not associated with those who use different technologies to visit your site. The concept of website accessibility is gaining importance among professional website designers, but still, it is a least visible aspect of a website design which can be overlooked. Website accessibility is making the website easier for everybody to use. Accessibility is important when you want to reach at a large number of audiences.

It takes a lot of work to make your website accessible on different platforms. To get started, you must develop a universal website that is available to all on their platforms. Remember the time when website owners had to keep a text only version for some users and platforms like braille system? Since these users couldn’t access the heavy page, they provided a different version of the website instead. Doing so would cut out the development cost and made it easy to access the page.


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