Website Hosting Matters

Every hosted website contains computer stored files including instructions, layout, graphics and design among other things. People can access these files through the internet. Generally, this computer is called the web server. These records include the text, graphics, and layout for your site, among other things.

When someone wants to see one of your web pages, their browser will ask it over the internet. The server will send them the files they require for that website page, and the browser will merge them all and present them to a user.

A few people who run a site hardly ever see their server. They work with hosting company; the company rents them a server, or just some space or shared server usually. The servers are kept in data centers with dedicated technical teams and high availability to respond to any faults.

When you have a shared server for your website, the monthly costs depends on two parameters:

  • Bandwidth: It is something which tells you about how much data you can send over the internet every month. How it consumes data? If you want to know more about it, then check how many visitors you have, how many pages they visit, and how large the files are on your site.
  • Storage space: it is the space your site occupies on disk in the form of different files. If you enable your visitors or users to contribute content that is saved on your server, then you need to count this as well.

Often, you can start as small as you want but you should upgrade as soon as the popularity and scope of your site grow. Sometimes, you will require starting with a more costly account, because you want to use different technologies that have special hosting needs, such as PHP and they cost more. It is worth researching about hosting earlier so that you can start as soon as your website is ready.


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